The Firm. Overview

Founded in 2011, the firm does, since 2014, serve as one of the European representative offices of Rolim, Viotti & Leite Campo Advogados – one of Brazil’s major full-service law firms. Rolim, Mietzel, Wohlnick & Calheiros LLP counsels on all aspects of international business law. The firm’s attorneys correspond in German, Portuguese, English, Spanish and Swedish.

A special focus of the firm’s work lies on the business between Europe and Brazil. European clients are aided with regard to their activities on the Brazilian market, just as Brazilian clients are accompanied on their way to Europe. The Düsseldorf office’s German and Brazilian attorneys work hand in hand with their counterparts in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Brasília to assure that – despite the significant geographical distance – a consistent level of service at the highest standard of quality is maintained.

In addition to this, Rolim, Mietzel, Wohlnick & Calheiros LLP is a competent advisor on legal issues pertaining to the cross-border commerce within Europe (with a special focus on Germany, Portugal, France, Sweden, Austria, the United Kingdom and Spain) as well as with regard to the entire region of South America, where the firm acts as a “one-stop-shop” in particular for its clients' Intellectual Property needs.

Moreover, the firm also draw on the expertise of a great number of partner firms throughout the world, whom it is linked to via various networks.